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Contributing to this wiki is rather simple with the Visual Editor, however there's a few tricks that you can and should use.

Automatic Values

For commonly used values like Stages, Rooms, items, etc. there shouldn't be any redundant typing in case we ever want to relabel one of the names. Currently these are only available by editing the source directly but there's plans to access them through templates aswell.

Please use the following html classes in order to insert the desired value(s):

  • Stages:

You Type:

<div class="stage-id">[[F_SP108]]</div>

You Get:

Note that the stage-id has to be in [[]] in order to make it a link which is required by the script.

  • Rooms:

You Type:

<div class="room-id">D_MN06#05</div>

<div class="room-no-id">D_MN06#05</div>

You Get: A)




  • Items: