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Item-ordon-shield.png Item-wooden-shield.pngShields can be acquired acrossed Link's quest to help enhance combat by allowing the hero to defend himself from harm but also can later be used as an attack after learning a skill from the Hero's Shade.

When the ButtonIcon-GCN-L.svg button is held down Link will defend himself from oncoming attacks and once the Shield Attack is acquired it becomes possible to press the ButtonIcon-GCN-R.svg button to stun enemies but also can used to reflect projectiles and magic back at its user.

Additionally an upgrade to the Shield Attack called the Helm Splitter can be learned from the shade which allows the hero to leap on top of an enemy and strike the head of the opponent.

The first two shields the player can acquire are both flammable and if the shield takes damage from a heat source the item will burn away and will no longer be able to defend themselves.

Item-hylian-shield.pngThe Hylian Shield however is made of sturdy metal and will not burn away and is the preferred shield to use in combat.


  • Using the Shield Attack when in sand or snow enables the A button briefly allowing some attacks to be used where normally they are disabled in this state.