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// WiP this page will be edited with more information soon when released.

The following page is a look into the randomizer for Twilight Princess that is currently available for the standard definition release on the Gamecube and supports all regions.


  • Removal of most cutscenes including non skippable ones and Midna dialogues.
  • Options to allow access to some dungeons early.
  • Options to remove some portions of the game to open the game world and allow new play options.
  • Options to customize what items are randomized and allow items to be excluded from the selectable options for additional customization.
  • Goal options that alter what is required for the game to be completed.
  • Options to include some added quality of life features such as the ability to transform faster with a button combo, fast forward the time of day, and transform in front of people.
  • Visual overworld model updates to the randomized item (to be included starting in version 1.0).
  • Dynamic logic (to be included starting in version 1.0) which shuffles around the items with a structure that gurantees the items are reachable and the game is completable regardless of the settings or how the player approaches the game.
  • Logic options that alter the structure to cater to multiple play styles.
  • Option to output all the items locations in a text file.
  • Option to input unique seed values in addition to a random option.
  • Additional miscellanous cosmetic options.


Starting in version 1.0 the logic will be restructured in a format where all the items will be placed in a method under the selected option and this section will go into detail of what exactly that entails.

Casual / Glitchless: The default option catered to all audiences and expects only basic knowledge of the game. This option will exclude any obscure knowledge in addition to any advanced knowledge and will also exclude usage of certain items like keys in a manner where the player could be locked out if they were to not use them in the correct location.

Glitched: An advanced option that includes various types of knowledge including the usage of tricks and obscure knowledge that is only recommended for skilled players. Though this option expects advanced knowledge it will not feature anything impossibly difficult to achieve in real time nor feature anything related to the trick Back In Time as it currently is broken in the randomizer and is not planned to be fixed. This option also ensures the game is completable but may have certain items be unobtainable though there will not be cases where the player cannot reach them due to poor decision making.

No Logic: An advanced option that removes the logic entirely and has no regard on whether or not the items are placed in a manner that allows the game to be completed regardless of settings.


The final goal of defeating the final boss Ganondorf is the main currently planned completion requirement however some options will be included of what exactly is needed to reach that point aside from the base required items. The options in question involve the two major dungeons normally required to complete beforehand the Palace of Twilight and Hyrule Castle.

Palace of Twilight Requirements: Includes the ability to have it open immediately, require only City in the Sky completion (much like the base game), require some of mirror of twilight shards or all of them.

Hyrule Castle Requirements: Includes the ability to have the barrier broken immediately, require Zant to be defeated (like the base game which can be combined with the altered requirements seen above), require some of the fused shadows or all of them.