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A Poe is a type of ethereal enemy that Link can encounter acrossed Hyrule often seen only at night time with a couple exceptions in places that do not feature a time cycle. Imp Poes are the most common type of these enemies the hero will need to defeat in order to obtain its soul something requested by Jovani to acquire in order to break his curse to become human again. Imp Poes are easily distinguishable in the overworld by there lantern something that even Link can view however to reveal the spectral enemies form Link must transform into Wolf form and raise his senses before being able to attack the foe. Once the enemy is laying damaged Wolf Link can deliver the final blow ripping out its soul adding it to his collection.

A larger type of Poe will be seen in Arbiters Grounds and they guard the second portion of the dungeon by stealing the fire from the torches which causes the large gate in the main hall to close. When these Poe are defeated not only do they leave behind there soul to collect but also a trace of there scent which Wolf Link can sniff and remember to seek out the remaining Poe's in the dungeon.