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A list of abbrevations, acronyms and other phrases used among the Twilight Princess community.

Abbrevation Description
LLC Long Lantern Cave
LB (LBT) Lakebed Temple
PoT Palace of Twilight
SPR Snowpeak Ruins
ToT Temple of Time
UZR Upper Zora's River
CitS City in the Sky
CoO Cave of Ordeals
AG Arbiter's Grounds
FT Forest Temple
GM Goron Mines
Rang (Gale) Gale Boomerang
B&C (BaC, BnC) Ball and Chain
HP (PoH) Heart Piece or Piece of Heart (1/5)
GB Golden Bug
ZA Zora Armor
MS Master Sword
Tricks & Glitches
LJA Long Jump Attack (often with the Gale Boomerang)
EMS Early Master Sword
MDH Midna's Desperate Hour
Creatures & Mobs
Hugo Hugo is the name of the bulblin in the Ordon Spring area after the Sewers section (Wolf introduction)
SB Shadow Beast
KB (KB1, KB2, KB3 ...) King Bulblin; the number refers to the n'th appearance/fight