Early Boss Flags

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Early Boss Flags sometimes referred to Early Boss Fights is a bug with how the flag is handled for addressing whether or not a boss/mid boss cutscene has started since its needed for the fight to start.


Normally this flag resets itself each time you visit a boss/midboss however in certain scenarios this flag can be turned on and used to make the game auto skip these scenes such as skipping the cutscene when meeting Skull Kid in the Sacred Grove. When this flag is set this way the flag wont reset itself when meeting a boss/mid boss since its supposed to reset as you watch the scene however having this active does provide some useful benefits like being able to warp into Deku Toad's room or removing the suits of armor in the main lobby of Snowpeak Ruins.

Issues & Fix

While the flag is active Diababa's stalks will not appear as they normally rise during the cutscene however pressing the ButtonIcon-GCN-Start-Pause.svg button will trick the game into thinking you watched the scene and the stalks will then rise. In the main lobby of Snowpeak Ruins since the armor suits are missing the Poe that hides in one of the suits will be gone however it is not permanent. The simplest method to restoring the proper behavior for the flag is saving the game and restarting though a couple interactions with bosses will restore it too like fighting Aeralfos in City in the Sky.