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Throughout Hyrule are temples acting as trials for Link to conquer to acquire important items and eventually defeat the bosses that are guarding the key quest items to eventually destroy the barrier blocking Hyrule Castle as well as confront Zant directly at the Palace of Twilight. In these structures navigation requires usage of the hero's abilities and the items scattered across the region as well as the many keys that allow access into locked rooms which lead deeper into the dungeon. To aid the hero navigating the structure of these temples a Map can be found which details all the rooms and even highlights areas that have been visited already. Additionally a Compass can be found which will mark the hero's current position, last visited room, and even display were items are even if they are hidden initially. The final room of the dungeon is locked with a much larger and elaborate lock requiring the Big Key to enter the boss's lair.

While all dungeons feature this basic structure some have unique keys and dungeon items in addition to the standard map and compass. Also in the overworld there are a few areas that feature a Small Key one held by Coro, another in a cavern inside Faron Woods, a couple being held onto by King Bulblin, and one on a Bulblin guarding the gate leading to Arbiters Ground featured in the Bulblin Camp.

The Goron Mines feature an initially broken big key which can be assembled together by collecting the three Key Shards which then form the key to unlock the room were Fyrus awaits.

Snowpeak Ruins features a unique set of additional items that act as psuedo keys for the dungeon in addition to the standard keys which are the Ordon Pumpkin and Ordon Goat Chese respectively. This dungeon also features a uniquely designed big key being the Bedroom Key which was used to lock the room were a missing piece of the Mirror of Twilight rests.