Zora Armor

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Item-zora-armor.png The Zora Armor is one of the essential items Link will acquire from Queen Rutela on his quest after safely escorting Telma carrying Prince Ralis and the kids in a carriage to safety in Kakariko Village. When Link dawns the armor he will be able to breathe indefinitely underwater much like a Zora as well as swim much faster then normal and it also features a unique ability that brightens underwater areas making it easier to navigate dark tunnels deep in Lakebed Temple. The only caveat to dawning the armor is the hero becomes extremely vulnerable to fire and ice based attacks so caution must be made while wearing it. Although this item makes swimming and navigating underwater easier and safer its not possible to use this item to stand on the sea floor instead the hero must additionally wear the Iron Boots or the remove the armor in favor of the Magic Armor however you will not gain the benefits of breathing indefinitely and the lighting will darken once more. Despite this shortcoming its possible to use a combo of the two armors to bypass the need to use Iron Boots to enter Lakebed Temple and additionally kill Morpheel among other underwater related tasks.