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Item-wallet.pngAt the start of the game Link will have a wallet in his possession which can carry the various amounts of different rupees scattered about Hyrule which is the primary currency used to purchase products and services. Initially the wallet is fairly small and can only carry a total of 300 rupees and whenever the hero finds more currency in chests he promptly puts it back since it'd be wasteful to take without proper storage.

Item-big-wallet.pngItem-giant-wallet.png When the hero eventually comes to Castle Town he can meet Agitha who requests the hero's aid in bringing her golden bugs for a special ball and as thanks for bringing back enough of them she will reward the hero with larger wallets something needed to eventually purchase the Magic Armor.

In the randomizer as a quality of life change the initial wallet limit starts at 1,000 rupees which when fully upgraded can carry a massive 9,999 rupees.