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Throughout Link's quest the hero can acquire and wield three different types of swords which are used as the primary form of combat.


The first of these weapons is the Wooden Sword serving as the primary teaching tool for learning the basics of combat. The weapon itself isn't inheritely designed for intense combat and is incredibly weak although despite this the hero can take and use it against even some of the strongest enemies. The only instances were this weapon will prove ineffective will be in the fights against the dragon Argorok, the Usurper King Zant and the evil gerudo king Ganondorf.


The upgrade and primary weapon used throughout a large portion of the quest is the Ordon Sword finely crafted by Rusl and is designed for intense combat going as far as being able to be used on every major enemy save for Zant and Ganondorf. Once acquired this weapon will replace the wooden sword and the hero will no longer be able to use it.


The final and most powerful weapon used throughout the remainder of the quest is the Master Sword a sword that can repel evil and is the key to removing the Shadow Crystal from the hero's body and is essential to defeating Zant and Ganondorf. Not only this but the sword acts as a key that opens the Temple of Time a dungeon the hero must traverse for one of the pieces of the Mirror of Twilight.

Once all the pieces of the mirror are restored the hero can enter the Palace of Twilight were with the power of the Sol's the hero can infuse the blade with light energy which finalizes the blade into theItem-master-sword.pngLight Sword.

When confronted with twilight enemies or if the hero is in the palace halls the blade will glow and it can be used to cast away dark fog created from shadow crystals which force the hero into wolf form.

Additionally the light energy can charge certain switches in the palace which activate platforms that aid in navigation to reaching Zant and is the most damaging weapon specifically to twilight monsters however this damage upgrade is limited only to that.


  • The Back Slice can be used even without a sword and when performed it will inflict damage equivalent to the Ordon Sword as that is the starting value used on the games title screen.
  • The light sword despite being required to reach Zant is not needed to defeat him nor is it required to defeat Ganondorf.
  • Usage of the four hit combo or hidden skills will be needed to stun Dangoro with the wooden sword.