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The Spinner is one of the essential items Link will acquire on his quest after conquering the evil spirit unsealed Death Sword.

This item acts as a top that Link can ride were it will slowly move in the direction the player holds until it comes to a stop after a brief period of riding it.

The items primary usage is riding on rails and there are some Spinner slots placed in select areas that will either make more rails appear or form bridges for the hero to cross.

The items rotation does not last that long however the hero can extend it by attaching the item to one of the various rails built around the world with each rail offering differing amounts of speed.

While on top of the item the hero can jump acrossed gaps onto other railings a feature seen most against the boss Stallord which in conjuction with aItem-ordon-sword.pngsword can be used to defeat the creature.

When the hero jumps the tops outter ring will extend out damaging enemies around the vicinity however this is an extremely weak attack only being useful against Stallord and his undead army.


  • The player can choose to hold down the item button to stall the spinner's movement when at a stand still.
  • The player can hop off the item to use the sword.
  • During the period of being on top of the spinner Link is slightly higher off the ground which can lead to reaching points he normally could not if he takes damage from an enemy or a Item-bomb.pngbomb.
  • The player can interrupt the spinner by unequipping it mid travel to place Link in a position normally inaccessible from the ground.
  • The spinner much like other items can be used in the STAR Tent minigame and allows Link to wield his sword indoors something normally impossible to achieve.