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The Slingshot is an item that Link can acquire during his quest by purchasing it from Sera after bringing her cat back inside her shop by catching a fish. This item is primarily used as a starting projectile the hero can use to defeat lesser enemies and destroy some targets. The usage of this item is heavily limited to the first couple areas and is easily replaced by every other item Link obtains in his quest and is incredibly situational to use beyond the Forest Temple. The item is functionally the beginners tool to learn how to aim in first person view and is more prominent in it's teaching in the motion based Wii version and was not really intended to be used elsewhere save to knock down bee hives safely.


  • Though this item was carried over from Ocarina of Time it's ability to activate crystal switches is absent.
    • Also seed satchels were removed in favor of giving 50 seeds automatically as a convenience for the Wii version mostly.
  • Curiously a refill of seeds can be found in Hyrule Castle in the treasure room despite the items purpose being obsolete by that point.