Shadow Crystal

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Shadowcrystal.pngThe Shadow Crystal is originally a cursed magical artifiact created from Zant intended to destroy Midna however Link defends her and the object lodges itself into the hero's head forcing him into wolf form as a result of the twilight magic its infused with.

When Link eventually comes acrossed the Master Sword the blade of evils bane releases the dark artifact out of the hero's body were Midna initially intends to destroy it; however considering its power is so strong that simply touching it will cast its dark magic on the user it actually can benefit the hero by granting him the ability to transform at any point which becomes crucial for the remainder of the quest.

Having the ability to transform also comes as a convenience by allowing the hero to warp to portals left behind by the Shadow Beasts.


  • In the randomizer it is possible to gain the ability to quickly transform as seen in the HD version by pressing ButtonIcon-GCN-R.svg+ ButtonIcon-GCN-Y.svg so long as the ButtonIcon-GCN-Z.svg button is not dulled and Link is in a state were he normally could transform.
    • Additionally a brand new ability comes with this item that instantly changes the time of day from morning to late noon or vice versa to ease searching for Poes as they are primarily seen at night time as well as to ease waiting for stores to open. To use this ability call Midna with ButtonIcon-GCN-Z.svg select Talk to Midna wait until her dialogue is done scrolling then press ButtonIcon-GCN-R.svg+ ButtonIcon-GCN-Y.svg to change the time of day this will also reload the map.
    • In both cases of these abilities these must be first activated in the randomizer console window which can be toggled at anytime by pressing ButtonIcon-GCN-R.svg+ ButtonIcon-GCN-Z.svg to bring up the window then scrolling to Midna ToD and Fast Transform.
  • The ability to transform at will that comes with the item unlocks the most amount of items in the game simply on the premise of being able to swap forms at any point.
  • The Palace of Twilight's dark fog is created with the magic of the shadow crystal and will exhibit its abilities when Link comes into contact with it.
    • Because the transformation sequence is a cutscene and requires Link to be in a specific state to trigger it; it is possible to avoid the fogs effect since it does not trigger immediately.
  • The fog waterfall that blocks the remainder of the palaces rooms has a giant invisible wall that extends extremely far which shrinks when theItem-master-sword.pngLight Sword is obtained though the wall in the center remains.