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Interior of the STAR Tent as seen ingame.

Located in the west section of Castle Town Link can come acrossed a curious tent and upon entering it he is greeted by Purlo the host of the STAR game a carnival like game that tests the player to quickly grab all the colored stars in a set time limit for a prize. For this game it is recommended to use the Item-clawshot.pngClawshot to quickly maneuver around the cage to grab the stars something even hinted at by the host should the player fail at the game.

If the game is completed successfully in the alloted time limit Purlo will award the hero with theItem-big-quiver.pngBig Quiver being impressed by the hero's skill although very bitter that his ultimate game did not prove efficient at taking the hero's rupees and swears revenge for next time.

The next time the hero enters the tent the interior of the cage will be redesigned and many more stars will be placed by Purlo in an effort to make the game much more challenging than it was previously.

In this round it is recommended to use the Item-double-clawshot.pngDouble Clawshot to get around the cage with ease and avoid the spike trap layed out on the ground.

Much like before if the game is completed successfully in the alotted time limit Purlo will reward theItem-giant-quiver.pngGiant Quiver and will once again be bitter about the accomplishment and after this point the game can be played repeatedly attempting to beat the best time set previously.


  • Though difficult it is possible to complete the first stage without using the clawshot.
    • The second stage can also be completed without the use of the double clawshot which can be aided by clever use of theItem-iron-boots.pngiron boots though it is not required.
  • When playing the minigame it is possible to use every item even the normally disabledItem-ordon-sword.pngsword though to unsheathe it the Item-spinner.pngspinner must be used first.
  • The Item-gale-boomerang.pnggale boomerang can be used to move the stars slightly.
  • Using Item-bomb.pngbombs it is possible to kill Link outside the minigame arena.