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Rupees are the form of currency accepted all across Hyrule for goods and services and come in a variety of denominations and colors to distinguish the value of each. Rupees can be found just about everywhere with the most commonly seen being the green variation only adding a value of 1 to Link's wallet. Normally when the player picks up a rupee value higher than 1 Link will present it to the player with a pickup message however this popup notification is only shown once per session. Interestingly although there are 7 denominations available to find and add to the wallet there is a black and grey variation used as dummy icons typically to represent missing or unused items in the games code. Also interestingly Link's purple rupee found in his basement is considered a unique item. This is due to the fact that in order to add text to each item the item in question has to have a different ID. Therefore this item is given a different ID despite it being no different from the standard purple rupee.

Rupee Value
Item-rupee-1.png 1
Item-rupee-5.png 5
Item-rupee-10.png 10
Item-rupee-20.png 20
Item-rupee-50.png 50
Item-rupee-100.png 100
Item-rupee-200.png 200