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Ooccoo is a friendly NPC Link can find in dungeons and she assists the hero by allowing him to quickly escape the dungeon.

Item-ooccoo-jr.png She is joined by her son Ooccoo Jr who will remain with the hero after escaping using Ooccoo's warping ability and at anytime the hero can call Ooccoo Jr to return the hero to the room were Ooccoo was left behind.

Ooccoo's warping power does not extend to every room in a dungeon as certain rooms are considered seperated from the main dungeon but also is a measure to prevent potential softlocks. The last time the hero encounters Ooccoo at City in the Sky will slightly change her warping ability were instead of escaping dungeons instead will warp the hero to the shop featured in the dungeon. Curiously if the final Ooccoo is acquired but then the player recieves a different Ooccoo from an earlier dungeon the warping ability continues to send Link to the City in the Sky shop.

Item-memo-sketch.png If at anytime the player decides to leave a dungeon manually instead of using Ooccoo's warping ability the player will find a note left behind by Ooccoo mentioning that she is still in the dungeon waiting for the player to return.