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Welcome to the Twilight Princess Wiki!

The purpose of this wiki is to provide a central repository for all Twilight Princess Knowledge and provide more information about community projects. Below are a set of quick links to get you started. For a full list of pages, check out the Table of Contents (WIP)

Standard Twilight Princess Info

List of Stages

A list of all stages in the game sorted by how they are defined in the game code.

List of Items

A list of all of the items (both used and unused) in the game code.


What are all of these acronyms that everyone keeps using? you can find a list of them and their meanings here!


Randomizer Home Page

The Twilight Princess Randomizer Wiki Home Page

Randomizer Guide

Information on how to operate the Randomizer.

List of Randomizer Checks

A list of every possible place that can have a randomized item.


TPGZ Home Page

The homepage for the Twilight Princess Practice ROM.

TPGZ GitHub Page

Link to the TPGZ source code where you can build and download it yourself!

We currently have 47 articles!