Magic Armor

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Item-magic-armor.png The Magic Armor is one of the tunics Link can change into after purchasing it from Malo Mart Castle Branch. This magical armor when worn will completely negate all damage making the hero invulnerable making it easier to fight tougher enemies without risking injury. The catch is the armor operates on rupees and will quickly drain the players wallet as it is worn and when the wallet is completely emptied the armor will become dull and extremely heavy to wear. Although the armor no longer serves its original purpose when its unpowered Link can sink underwater and activate switches acting as a psuedo Iron Boots although the armor is not magnetic like the boots and cannot be used to traverse the Goron Mines and it cannot be used to damage enemies. Since the armor isnt intended to be used like Iron Boots its also impossible to defeat Fyrus and the player cannot collect the Goron Bomb Bag in Zora's Domain as Links state is still considered swimming even when standing underwater.