Long Lantern Cave

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The entrance to the cavern as seen ingame

Long Lantern Cave (often referred to as "Hype Cave") is a location found in Lake Hylia blocked off by a boulder which requires Link to remove to enter. This cavern is the second largest cavern featuring many items for the player to collect as well as enemies to avoid and Poes to collect souls from. The player will need to come equipped with a near full Bomb Bag or alternatively the Ball & Chain to remove all the boulders blocking off chests as well to reveal the path to continue deeper into the cave. Additionally the Lantern is recommended not only because the cavern is dark but two items require lighting torches to make these items appear. As like for any Poes in the world you will need the ability to transform at will into Wolf Link an ability associated with the Shadow Crystal and having met Midna to take the three Poe's souls featured in the cave.