Long Jump Attack

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An example of Link crossing quicksand using a Long Jump Attack

The Long Jump Attack is a mechanic that acts as an assist at striking enemies with a Jump Attack. This mechanic increases Link's horizontal speed to close the gap between a faraway enemy and Links current position when compared to a standard Jump Attack which has a set distance. This mechanic is often used to reach normally inaccessible areas or items instead of utilizing whatever item or intended route to access said area or item. An unintended use of this mechanic is often associated with the Gale Boomerang were when used can act as a replacement to an enemy as the boomerang is considered a targeted object so long as Link does not move except when rolling. This in turn allows the player to use the mechanic anywhere so long as one of three conditions apply:

  1. The enemy or Boomerang is on a higher plane compared to Links feet.
  2. The enemy or Boomerang is above a void plane.
  3. The enemy or Boomerang is out of bounds.

Interestingly the amount of speed gained from the mechanic is higher when performed on an enemy compared to the Boomerang although if the Boomerang were to travel extremely far the speed would eventually match.