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Jovanis cursed body

Jovani is an NPC that Link will come acrossed during Midna's Desperate Hour a sequence were an injured Midna pleads to Wolf Link to bring her to Princess Zelda. Upon obtaining assistance from Telma's cat Louise, Wolf Link will enter Telma's Bar and find a hidden passage leading into Jovani's House. It is here Wolf Link will come acrossed the first Imp Poe and upon defeating it Jovani will open a chest revealing a hidden passage into the Castle Town Sewers which eventually lead to Princess Zelda's tower. Jovani requests Link to acquire enough Poe Souls to restore his cursed body were he will then gift him a bottle of Great Fairys Tears and once restored completely will award a Piece of Heart. Additionally when fully restored his cat Gengle will award Link with an infinite supply of silver rupees as thanks for saving his master.