Iron Boots

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The Iron Boots is one of the essential items Link will acquire on his quest after taking on Mayor Bo in a sumo wrestling match in a attempt to find a way past the Gorons of Death Mountain.

This item when worn will make Link very heavy allowing him to sink underwater and even assists Link in stopping the mighty Gorons rolling down the mountain preventing passage to the Goron Mines.

When underwater Link cannot breathe that long and will eventually drown if he does not eventually surface to regain oxygen although this issue is removed once the hero dawns the Item-zora-armor.pngZora Armor.

The most unique property of this item is being magnetic which is heavily emphasized in the Goron Mines were Link can attach himself on top of magnetic surfaces to walk up and down walls defying gravity.

Link can even put on the boots in mid air to help him sink faster or land into a magnetic field sucking him towards the surface.

The items primary use is heavily featured in the Goron Mines being the only item that can even help Link get past the first room among also being the only item in conjunction with aItem-ordon-sword.pngsword that can help the hero defeat Fyrus the possessed patriarch Chief Darbus.

The boots are also used frequently at City in the Sky were it pulls down heavy switches in conjunction with the Item-clawshot.pngClawshot something done to defeat the dragon Argorok terrorizing the Oocca.


  • The Iron Boots can be used to attack enemies by rolling into them this attack is not very strong and does not work on all enemies but can be useful in a bind.
  • If the Item-magic-armor.pngMagic Armor is worn and the playersItem-wallet.pngwallet is empty the armor will dull and become extremely heavy to wear acting as a psuedo Iron Boots.
  • When underwater if the boots are force unequipped when trying to swap to Item-water-bomb.pngWater Bombs Link can swim with them.
  • Link cannot perform the Back Slice technique when wearing the boots.
  • When performing jump attacks if the Iron Boots are force unequipped quickly Link will gain additional height.
    • A similar effect can be seen when jumping quickly from sand, snow or when enemies are attached to Link.