Hero's Bow

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The Hero's Bow is one of the essential items Link can acquire in his journey after proving himself against the mighty Dangoro. This weapons range is the highlighted use of this item commonly used to cut down ropes, destroy targets, defeat Beamos, activate switches, and is the only usable item that can defeat Armogohma in conjunction with the Dominion Rod. The most unique usage of this item comes in the form of the newly introduced Bomb + Arrow combo were Link can attach a bomb to the end of the arrow instead of the standard pointed edge.

Item-hawkeye.png Another use of this combo mechanic is seen with the Hawkeye were Link can attach the scope and essentially become a sniper.


Arrows will begin dropping from enemies and jars once a bow is obtained and even loose arrows from enemy Bulblin's or misfires from the player can be retrieved.

Item-big-quiver.png Item-giant-quiver.png Optionally if the hero is able to complete the STAR Tent minigame he is awarded two larger quivers which increase the capacity of how many arrows the hero can keep at anytime. Interestingly if Link can successfully remove the blockade ruining Iza's business at Upper Zora's River without the bow Iza will provide infinite bombs & arrows and the player can use them regardless of the missing bow although the item is temporary.