Gale Boomerang

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The Gale Boomerang is one of the essential items Link will acquire on his quest in the Forest Temple after defeating the mind controlled Ook.

This item houses the Fairy of Winds and thusly has the power to create gusts of wind when thrown which can be used to turn bridges, bring objects and enemies towards the hero, blow out torches, and even kill a few enemies.

While in use Link can target five spots for the boomerang to travel toward with it eventually returning to Link after reaching its final destination.

The boomerangs targeting is often used to solve a few puzzles featured in dungeons but also is used to find hidden items and help grab golden bugs.

Although the boomerangs primary use is to solve puzzles a unique mechanic is introduced in the Forest Temple were Link can target an enemy Item-bombling.pngBombling then target a boulder to have the foe destroy the obstruction to save one of the monkeys.

This mechanic can be utilized at anytime with the players own Item-bomb.pngBombs at anytime to destroy rocks in areas Link cannot reach such as in Kakariko Village although owned bomblings cannot be picked up this way as they move indepently from Link.


  • An unintended use for this item comes in the form of a gameplay mechanic called the Long Jump Attack. This mechanic increases the distance and speed Link will gain when using a Jump Attack. This is an intended mechanic to make it easier for players to strike a far away enemy however as a result of the boomerang being treated as an enemy target it is possible to use it in place of an enemy and perform this anywhere the player desires leading to reaching areas otherwise unreachable.
    • This unintended use was soft patched on the Wii version due to the difference in controls though it would be possible to perform if the controls were altered.
  • The Fairy of Winds is never mentioned by any source aside from the items description.
  • When bombs are attached to the boomerang the timer resets and will instead explode immediately upon making contact with a wall.
    • This can be prevented by starting a cutscene which can lead to reaching areas or getting items earlier than intended.
  • The ingame address of the boomerang curiously lines up with the item wheels slot addresses perhaps indicating it was one of the first items added or its a coincidence.
  • The boomerang can be used to help Iza clear the rock blocking the rivers current leading down to Lake Hylia.