Fishing Rod

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The Fishing Rod is an essential item Link can acquire in his quest by assisting Uli find her the cradle that a monkey in the village stole. The rod has a bobber type lure and when it sinks down below the waters surface thats an indication that a fish or object has been caught on the line and the player must hold C-down to pull the fish/object up to catch it. This items initial use is to get Sera's car back inside the shop which significantly improves her mood allowing Link to purchase her goods as well as gifting a half full bottle of milk for his effort. Once the hero empties the bottle or has an empty bottle on hand he can scoop up bait such as Bee Larvae and Worms which he can then attach to the rod in an effort to make fishing easier. Once the Coral Earring is acquired the item will automatically attach itself to the rod and can then be used to capture reekfish at Zora's Domain which can then help him reach Snowpeak. Humorously the rod is the gag item of the game much like the Bug Net and Empty Bottle of past games being able to be used to distract Ganondorf which can help the hero land a sneak attack on the unsuspecting gerudo king.