Dominion Rod

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The Dominion Rod is an essential item that Link can acquire in his quest after a duel with the ultimate knight Darknut. This item is initially used primarily in the Temple of Time were it has the ability to give life to statues and the hero can manipulate there movements while under the rods influence. When a statue is being controlled it will copy the hero's movements and the hero can even have it attack enemies.

With this item and the Hero's Bow the hero can take on and defeat Armogohma however once the hero leaves the dungeon the rod noticeably loses its power.

Once the hero acquires theItem-ancient-sky-book.pngAncient Skybook from Impaz one of four heroes Shad can assist the hero restore the rod to its original powered up form.

After the rod is restored Shad requests the hero to return to him with the remaining characters missing from the book which is needed to unseal a statue blocking the Sky Cannon which is needed to send the hero to City in the Sky.

It's at this point the hero can go acrossed Hyrule in search of the owl statues that hide the missing sky characters but also since the statues can be moved they also can serve as platforms that the hero can jump on to reach otherwise inaccessible items.


  • In the randomizer the first time the player finds the Dominion Rod it will be the uncharged variant much like it is originally and will need to find the powered variation (which currently features no text) in another location before being able to utilize it in the overworld.
  • Of all the items in the game the powered up rod unlocks the least amount of new items that being nine.
    • This is under the assumption that the sky cannon is already at the lake or the player finds theItem-ancient-sky-book.pngsky characters without its use in the randomizer.
  • When controlling the large statue in Temple of Time the player can accidentally attack themselves if they are directly in front of the statue's hammer.
  • Despite what it may seem, swinging the rod when controlling a statue will inflict minor damage to some enemies.