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The Clawshot is one of the essential items Link will acquire on his quest after salvaging it from the belly of the Deku Toad. This item acts much like the Hookshot from previous titles however the end is a metal claw which makes grabbing onto objects and points of interest a bit different from its counterpart. Unlike its counterpart the item cannot take Link toward objects like boxes but instead is primarily used on vines, gratings, and various targettable protrusions from walls. Despite this small objects like crates, Golden bugs, Helmasaur's helmet and more will actually come toward Link which he then will hold onto except bugs were they will fly off or land on the ground. This item much like the Hookshot can kill smaller type enemies although most interestingly in can be used to defeat Armos Statue's.This items primary use besides taking Link acrossed gaps or reaching high places is defeating Morpheel being the only effective weapon in conjuction with a sword that can damage the beasts eye. This items unique in that there are actually two in the world the other being guarded by Aeralfos in the dungeon City in the Sky and when acquired can extend Link's distance across gaps and reach even higher places not normally possible with just one. While attached to an object directly above Link the player can extend the chain down or retract it to move Link up and down something used most often at Lakebed Temple. Interestingly while the item is in use the player can before firing hold a direction then begin holding ButtonIcon-GCN-L.svg to move Link during the animation of the chain extending this maneauver is mostly useless but it can be used for a very difficult technique.