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Item-bottle-empty.pngEmpty Bottles are useful containers that can store several unique contents scattered around Hyrule Link can procure from several places.

The following is a list of items that can be stored in bottles:

Bottle Items Name Effect
Item-bottle-worm.png Worms Can be attached to the Item-fishing-rod.pngFishing Rod as bait for fish.
Item-bottle-bee-larva.png Bee Larva Restores 1/4th a heart when consumed. Can also be attached to the Item-fishing-rod.pngFishing Rod as bait for fish.
Item-bottle-hot-springwater.png Water / Hot Spring Water Can be sprinkled on objects but has no practical effect. Hot Spring Water restores all hearts when consumed and will cool if the player tries to warp or goes to new areas.
Item-bottle-milk.png Milk / 1/2 Milk Restores three hearts per serving.
Item-bottle-nasty-soup.png Nasty Soup / Black Chu Jelly Randomly heals or harms Link. Black Chu Jelly goes unused though it is functional and will always harm Link.
Item-bottle-fairy.png Fairy Restores all hearts and also revives Link.
Item-bottle-lantern-oil.png Lantern Oil / Yellow Chu Jelly With the Item-lantern.pngLantern equipped these items will refuel it otherwise they're useless individually.
Item-bottle-red-potion.png Red Potion / Red Chu Jelly Restores eight hearts.
Item-bottle-blue-potion.png Blue Potion / Blue Chu Jelly Restores all hearts.
File:Item-bottle-green-chu-jelly.png Green Chu Jelly Scrapped magic power restoration.
File:Item-bottle-purple-chu-jelly.png Purple Chu Jelly Randomly heals or harms Link.
File:Item-bottle-rare-chu-jelly.png Rare Chu Jelly Restores all hearts & doubles attack power temporarily.
Item-bottle-great-fairy's-tear.png Great Fairy's Tears Restores all hearts & doubles attack power temporarily.
Item-bottle-simple-soup.png Simple Soup Restores two hearts.
Item-bottle-good-soup.png Good Soup Restores four hearts.
Item-bottle-superb-soup.png Superb Soup Restores eight hearts.


  • There exists two unused variations of chu jelly however in the Cave of Ordeals it is possible to have a blue chu and yellow chu merge together to form a green chu and procure its jelly upon defeat.
    • This discovery would prompt the HD Version to add flavor text to the item as an easter egg.
    • The black chu variation cannot be found however curiously a text description can be seen indicating it was once planned to appear.
  • The soup variations found in Snowpeak Ruins are the only scoopable contents that will upgrade over the course of the dungeon.
  • Empty bottles when used can deflect Possessed Zelda's magic attack.
  • The Item-lantern.pngLantern can be used as a psuedo bottle and can scoop oil sold at Trill's shop as well as yellow chu jelly.
  • The harmful bottle contents cannot kill Link.