Ball and Chain

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Ball & Chain item model

The Ball & Chain is one of the essential items Link can acquire during his quest after defeating the armor come to life Darkhammer. This item is incredibly strong and is often associated with completely shattering ice and is the only usable item to defeat Blizzeta and one of Zant's mimic forms.

Aside from destroying ice this item acts similarly to a Item-bomb.pngBomb that it can destroy boulders, defeat Beamos, remove wooden bars, remove spider webs, and is incredibly heavy which if held onto can be used to activate switches often associated withItem-iron-boots.png Iron Boots.

The most unique properties of this item is the fact that it can be used as a shield and that its on a chain so it acts somewhat of a ranged bomb although it pales in comparison to the Item-gale-boomerang.pngGale Boomerang's range or bomb arrow combo achieved from the Item-hero's-bow.pngHero's Bow. The biggest drawback to the item is its range being fairly small however with precise aim its possible to destroy some obstactles including some underwater.

Interestingly although its incredibly heavy its possible to hold onto the ball while falling directly down which will make Link sink much more than usual.

Item-piece-of-heart.pngPieces of Heart are considered solid objects the ball can interact with and if the ball collides with the heart it will actually be collected by Link.